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Increasing opportunities for smallholder farmers through partnerships

On September 24, 2016, Sokopepe convened a day’s meeting at Incredible Hotel in Meru County where Wanda Organic trained the social enterprise team on the importance of soil health and the role of bio-organic fertilizer.

Sokopepe is partnering with Wanda Organic to enhance good agricultural practices by promoting use of plantmate bio-organic fertilizer for enhanced soil fertility.

The organic fertilizer is a mixture of plant and animal wastes through an advanced bio-fermentation process using BIO-PLUS activator. It is a result of over 40 years of biotechnology research in Southeast Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Wanda Organic Director Ms. Marion Moon stressed on the importance of improving soil fertility. She noted that food crop yields per acre are on the decline partly due to continuous cropping without adequate soil nutrients replenishment. She said that plantmate bio-organic fertilizer works on the soils physical, biological, and chemical properties thus making it a unique product.

Further Ms. Moon stated that Wanda organic fertilizer contains beneficial microorganism and organic material, and is non-toxic and eco-friendly. In addition, they replenish soil nutrients, helps to increase yields, shorten crop cycles, and reduce crop diseases.

She noted that farmers could maximize their yields when they use it with a little chemical fertilizer. The organic fertilizer contains over 20 naturally occurring beneficial micro-organisms growing in a scientifically blended food base made of chelated trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, growth promotants and functional compounds.

“We want to improve productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers by providing economical, effective, and sustainable agricultural inputs,” said Ms. Moon.

Wanda Organic Director Ms. Marion Moon addressing Sokopepe team

Ms. Marion Moon, Wanda Organic Director addressing participants

According to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, healthy soils are the foundation for food, fuel, fibre, and even medicine. FAO approximates that 33 percent of the global soil resources are degraded due to erosion, compaction, soil sealing, salinization, soil organic matter and nutrient depletion, acidification and chemical pollution.

Ms. Roseline Ngusa, Sokopepe operations director said that the social enterprise is leveraging on partnerships in order to develop stronger value chains and systems that lead to improved income for smallholder farmers.

She said that the social enterprise, which is supporting the agricultural sector in Kenya by offering market information and farm records management services is partnering with agro-suppliers, agro-financiers, public-private extension services providers, knowledge partners, market access actors and farmer groups.

She noted that Wanda Organic partnership would enable farmers easily access bio-organic fertilizer through its agencies in Meru County.

Achieving and maintaining appropriate levels of soil fertility, especially plant nutrient availability, is of paramount importance if agricultural land is to remain capable of sustaining crop production at an acceptable level.

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