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Meru farmer ventures into growing mushrooms

Eating mushrooms may sound foreign especially to most of the communities in eastern Kenya particularly the Meru community. Nevertheless, mushroom growing can be a thriving enterprise that can only be compared to the seeds of gold.

Mr. Peterson Khilingo, a farmer in Meru County, has left many perplexed because he has ventured in the farming of mushrooms. Thanks to an initiative by Sokopepe known as Farm Records Management Information System (FARMIS) which has offered to give him farming tips as well as connecting him to other successful farmers of the same crop.

FARMIS will also link him with commodity buyers through online marketing for his produce through another ALIN service known as SOKO+.

Mr. Khilingo a former military man, said that farming is the only venture the people can rely on since it is the backbone of their livelihoods.

“FARMIS has just come at the right time. I have been dreaming of doing farming for some time but lack of market information and farming tips has really been a bottle neck for me. With the help of FARMIS, I will make a fortune from mushroom farming,” said Mr.Khilingo.

The new farmer is targeting to grow mushrooms on his 5 hectare piece of leased land at Isiolo. He has already prepared the land in readiness to planting.

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By Martin Murangiri | Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 | 3 Comments | Tags : Agriculture Farmis Soko+ Markets

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